Westonaria Mayor unveils the first bonded homes in Westonaria Borwa

Bonded Launch 7On Friday 22 May 2015, Westonaria Local Municipality Executive Mayor Nonkoliso Tundzi unveiled the first bonded homes in Westonaria Borwa.  Crimson King Developments constructed a show village showcasing 6 different house types.  Houses range from 45m2 to 70 m2 with two and three bedroom options.

The purpose of the event was to unveil the bonded units to officials, investors, financial institutions and other project stakeholders.  The event was attended by members of the development team, mines, as well as other high ranking officials.  Photos of the event and houses on display can be viewed on the gallery page of this website:  https://westonariaborwa.co.za/housing/ .

The official launch of the bonded homes was held on Tuesday 26 May 2015, where the units were displayed to the public.  Over 200 people came to express their interest in purchasing a home.  Many of the people that attended the event remarked on the high quality of the units and were very impressed by the beautiful homes that were presented.

The developers explained that the units on display are show units of the different house types to assist buyers to make a decision on what to buy.  A further 325 homes will be constructed in Phase 1 and it is indicated that the first of these will be available for purchase within 3 months from now.

Keep visiting this website for more updates on this exciting development.

Bonded Launch

Westonaria Local Municipality Executive Mayor Nonkoliso Tundzi