Project Overview

The Westonaria Borwa Mega Project comprises of high standard fully subsidised housing, bonded / gap market and social housing / rental stock as well as economic, social and other communal facilities. The development is made up of various phases which will be implemented as separate projects to deliver the full scope of the development. The development is a true integrated mixed use development with a wide variety of land uses.

Due to the central location of the Project, the Westonaria Borwa Mega Project provides affordable housing in a mining area and makes available a wide choice of housing options to the employees of the various mines in the region. The Project will provide access to secure socio-economic opportunities within walking distance, consequently reducing travel distances and costs. The planned regional shopping mall and industrial park will further serve to decrease the number of unemployed individuals, within and around the planned community, while simultaneously increasing household incomes and the earning power / ability of previously disadvantaged individuals. The planned ±16 000 housing units together with the variety of community facilities and economic opportunities that will be developed will positively impact the economy of the region.

This project was made possible by the partnering of the following project stakeholders:

  • Crimson King Developments
  • Gauteng Department of Human Settlements
  • Westonaria Local Municipality
  • National Department of Human Settlements

Crimson King Developments donated land for subsidised housing within the Westonaria Borwa Mega Project and partnered with the GDoHS for the implementation of the project. The Developer implements the full project on a turnkey basis including all professional services, detailed management and implementation of the project and ensures co-ordination between all service providers and role players.

The table below provides the overall scope of development in the Westonaria Borwa Mega Project:


The Mega project will deliver the following development opportunities to the region:

  • ±16 000 residential units
  • Over 100 000 m² business opportunities
  • 70 hectares industrial development
  • A host of community facilities and amenities including”
  • Primary and secondary schools,
  • Tertiary education facility
  • Crèches,
  • Primary health centres and hospital,
  • Public open spaces and functional parks,
  • Sports and recreation facilities,
  • Public transportation Hub
  • Community centres and other community facilities

The project is strategically located close to economic and employment opportunities, public amenities, major transport routes and bulk services. The Project is located within one of three economic functional areas of the West Rand being Westonaria and in proximity to the other two areas of the Greater Soweto, Lenasia and Randfontein. These areas are located within 20km from the proposed development site, and the Johannesburg Inner City, Roodepoort and Krugersdorp are approximately 30km from the site. The site of development is ideally located for a project of this nature within the existing Westonaria Node, and on the intersection of two main transportation arterials (R28 and N12). The site is seen as infill development that will assist in the spatial integration of the Westonaria town. The development is in line with strategic planning policies as per the Municipal Spatial Development Framework.

Crimson King Developments (The Developer / Project initiator) has an established track record and reputation and have been involved in the project since its inception over eight years ago.

The professional team that has been selected has extensive knowledge and expertise in several specialities including, but not limited to, spatial planning, environmental management, legal aspects, financing and structuring of property deals, property development, project management, project risk analysis, legislative requirements, land-use regulatory requirements and statutory processes.  The Professional Team currently includes the following professionals:


Company Appointment Responsibility
One G Services Project Manager Project Management
Eksteen Le Roux Bulk & Internal Electrical Engineers Bulk & Internal Electrical
SCIP Consulting Engineers Bulk & Internal Civil Engineers Bulk & Internal Civil
Jose Maleta Land Surveyors Land Surveyors Land Surveyor
Velocity Town Planners Town Planners Town Planning
Intraconsult Geologists Geology
Ubomi Safety Consulting Health & Safety Agent Health & Safety
Arcus Gibb Traffic Engineers Traffic Engineering
Tateka Projects Quality Assurance Quality Control
W&L Consultants EIA Monitoring EIA Compliance
Hugo and Partners Structural Engineers Foundations & Structures
Apil & Associates Architects Designs & Quality Control
Insika Quantity Surveyors Quantity Surveyor Quantity Surveying
ADA Urban Design Urban Designers Urban Design
Tintingers Inc Conveyancer Legal Representative
DEMACON Market Analyst Market Analysis

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