Job Creation

What has been achieved? 

The Westonaria Borwa Mega Project has created over 1200 full time equivalent jobs since inception. The Project has also achieved more than 75% local labour employment figures and more than 100 SMME and emerging contractor companies have been utilised on the Development thus far.
Based on units implemented to date, for a typical construction phase of 1000 units the number of labourers employed on site per month usually peaks at around 450, with an average over the construction period of 265. The most labourers employed in any one month since the Project’s inception is 616 labourers. As noted, the Project has also consistently achieved with more than 75% local labour utilisation since inception, with the majority being youth as well. The number of jobs created and hence employees on site are expected to increase sharply as more development components are implemented.
The vast majority of materials are being purchased from local suppliers, and local SMME construction contractors are being utilised on a community construction contract structured design under the Project, with several hundred units already implemented under this approach.


Labour intensive methods and other EPWP principles are employed to maximise job creation, specifically focussed on the unemployed in the surrounding areas. Local SMME suppliers and construction contractors are utilised in order to provide business and income opportunities as detailed above.

What can be achieved?

The Project will have significant developmental benefits in terms of economic growth and job creation. During the implementation phase the Project will generate significant new business sales, GGP growth and create work opportunities. Although significant, this impact is limited to the duration of the construction phase of the Project. During the operational phase of the development, sustained annual expenditure will create significant new business sales and additional GGP, as well as sustained, permanent employment opportunities.
The potential job creation that can be generated during the construction phase of the Project is projected at approximately 11 000 jobs, whilst in the operational phase of the Project a projected 13 000 sustainable jobs could be created.
In addition to the residential, business and industrial components, the Development incorporates extensive community facilities including schools, crèches, hospital, parks, sports and recreation and community centres which will all provide job opportunities and make a significant contribution to the local economy.