1000 Raft Foundations Completed!

A total of a 1000 raft foundations have been constructed and certified by the structural engineers for the first phase subsidised units in the Westonaria Borwa Integrated Housing Development.

Another set of aerial photographs was recently taken over the site, showing the significant progress made from when the previous photos were taken.

By mid-March 2013 (when the previous set of aerial photos were taken), approximately 850 raft foundations were signed off and 675 units were completed up to wall plate level, with 385 units’ roofs complete.

At the beginning of May 2013, all of the initial 1000 raft foundations for the first phase subsidised units were completed and the number of units constructed to wall plate level increased to 793 and the number of roofs almost doubled to 687.

Construction of the double storey subsidised units have also commenced and soon the slabs for the first storeys and staircases will be erected.

Below are the latest aerial photos uploaded on the Gallery page of this website for a bird’s eye view of how this development is progressing.



Is it a bird…..!!? Is it a plane…..!!?

No! It’s a quadcopter!

On Wednesday 13 March 2013, people in the vicinity of the site might have seen a strange looking flying object in the sky. This was in fact a quadcopter (remote controlled helicopter with 4 rotors) operated by Jamie of Altitude Air Photography. This highly specialised aircraft is equipped with a high quality 16 Megapixel, Nikon DSLR camera and was commissioned by Crimson King Developments to take aerial photographs of the site.
The beauty of using remote controlled aircraft for aerial photography is that they are able to fly at much lower levels than helicopters and aeroplanes, to really capture the details on the ground. It’s much cheaper to get a remote controlled aircraft to any location, and you don’t need permission to land anywhere and don’t need airstrips or landing areas.
The site was photographed from various points and altitudes and the photos should provide a good perspective of the site and the construction progress. The aerial photos will be published on this site as soon as they are available, so keep an eye out for them!
See the photos below with Jamie and his weird looking aircraft in action:





Crimson King Launches Community Builder’s Programme.

Crimson King launched a Community Builder’s Programme for the construction of 300 subsidised houses under the first phases of the Westonaria Borwa Integrated Housing Development Project in February 2013.

The Programme embodies the principles of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) and will create jobs and provide training to approximately 150 unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

The Builders Programme also focuses on the utilisation and upliftment of SMMEs with an estimated 10 local subcontractors targeted for inclusion under the Project.

Labour and SMMEs will be identified and sourced through the Project’s expansive community liaison structures, headed by the project principal CLO, Sisa Makaula.

First DOE Funding Approved!

The Department of Energy on yesterday confirmed that they will provide R13 million towards the electrification of the Westonaria Borwa project! This funding will be used for the first stage bulk infrastructure installation as well as certain internal services to provide electricity to the housing units. Further funding applications submitted to the DoE include for the development substation and bulk supply cables to the development and neighbouring area of Simunye.

Phase 2 Layout Improved!

The professional team for the Westonaria Borwa Fully Integrated Housing Development have made some improvements to the Phase 2 Layout of the development. The improvements include better traffic circulation, positioning of higher density development sites close to higher order nodes and revisions to the number of bonded stands on offer. The township establishment application for Phase 2 is currently being processed by the Local Authority. The updated layout plan for phase 2 can be downloaded under the downloads page of this website, or by clicking here.

Phase 1 Subsidised Housing Near Completion!

The implementation of the project is now in full swing! The services installation for the first phase is complete with the subsidised top structures scheduled for completion at the end of March 2013. Nearly 600 houses of the 1000 subsidised houses in the first phase have already been completed. Construction is going ahead at a rapid pace with three contractors working full time on the site!