1000 Raft Foundations Completed!

A total of a 1000 raft foundations have been constructed and certified by the structural engineers for the first phase subsidised units in the Westonaria Borwa Integrated Housing Development.

Another set of aerial photographs was recently taken over the site, showing the significant progress made from when the previous photos were taken.

By mid-March 2013 (when the previous set of aerial photos were taken), approximately 850 raft foundations were signed off and 675 units were completed up to wall plate level, with 385 units’ roofs complete.

At the beginning of May 2013, all of the initial 1000 raft foundations for the first phase subsidised units were completed and the number of units constructed to wall plate level increased to 793 and the number of roofs almost doubled to 687.

Construction of the double storey subsidised units have also commenced and soon the slabs for the first storeys and staircases will be erected.

Below are the latest aerial photos uploaded on the Gallery page of this website for a bird’s eye view of how this development is progressing.



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