July 2014 Aerial Photographs

The latest aerial photographs that were taken over the site have been uploaded onto the Gallery Page of the website.

Finishing touches are being done to the 1000 subsidised units in Phase 1. Construction is nearing completion on the 189 units launched under the CCC approach and construction of services in phase 2 is progressing well.

3 thoughts on “July 2014 Aerial Photographs

    • Hi Busi
      The bonded show village is in construction, soon products will be made available for potential purchasers.
      When this happens, we will publish a notification on the website and you should see advertisements in the local press.
      So you do not need to apply. Once the sales of the bonded units are launched, you can contact the sales team to choose a house and arrange finance.
      There will also be a sales office with agents to assist you.
      Thank you for your interest in the project.

    • Hi Busi
      Thank you for your interest in the project!
      The bonded units have recently be launched and the show units have been opened up to the public.
      Speak to your local agents regarding the requirements to purchase a house.
      You can also call one of the sales consultants at the following numbers: 0791883095, or 0834093584

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