Is it a bird…..!!? Is it a plane…..!!?

No! It’s a quadcopter!

On Wednesday 13 March 2013, people in the vicinity of the site might have seen a strange looking flying object in the sky. This was in fact a quadcopter (remote controlled helicopter with 4 rotors) operated by Jamie of Altitude Air Photography. This highly specialised aircraft is equipped with a high quality 16 Megapixel, Nikon DSLR camera and was commissioned by Crimson King Developments to take aerial photographs of the site.
The beauty of using remote controlled aircraft for aerial photography is that they are able to fly at much lower levels than helicopters and aeroplanes, to really capture the details on the ground. It’s much cheaper to get a remote controlled aircraft to any location, and you don’t need permission to land anywhere and don’t need airstrips or landing areas.
The site was photographed from various points and altitudes and the photos should provide a good perspective of the site and the construction progress. The aerial photos will be published on this site as soon as they are available, so keep an eye out for them!
See the photos below with Jamie and his weird looking aircraft in action:





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